The last few months threw up some unexpected obstacles to working on my music and so I've not written any new material since October. This also means I've failed to meet deadlines which I announced in previous posts. For both of these, I'm sorry.

To make a long, boring story short, the company I was working for went bust in September. In October it became clear that writing music was being a distraction to finding a replacement job and so I had to forget about this site for the time being while I sorted out these problems. I am in a better situation at the moment: still not ideal, but it will allow me to start writing music again. In fact, I will need to to meet the requirements of the postgraduate courses I'm looking to apply for next year.

Due to the unpredictability of my current situation, it would be unwise to make promises about my progress. I also found that trying to live up to deadlines sucked the fun out of writing music and, as a result, I feel that several of the "efforts" I uploaded to the site the most recently are complete failures musically. I can't produce such music and expect to make anything resembling a career from it, so I must up my game. Without deadlines, I am optimistic that I can achieve this.

If anyone has been following the site, thank you for your patience; it will be rewarded soon.